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My name is Rob, and although I've only been collecting vintage watches for a few years, I've had some success finding unique pieces.

People often ask how I find my watches without using dealers, and the simple answer is that every one is different. As the question continued to pop up, however, the idea for this site began to form, and I’m thrilled to finally make it a reality. Hopefully in cataloging each of my new finds, as well as the methods and stories behind them, it can help to inspire others in their own collecting journey. Because that's the beautiful thing about starting to collect something: there isn’t a definitive finish line. This website will, in many ways, mirror that concept of evolution, as I expect (and hope) that it will continue to change over time. More than anything, I hope that you'll stick around and continue to follow me along the journey. Never stop exploring, enjoy the thrill of the hunt, and always keep the faith. Timing is everything!